Registered Life Coach and Psychometrist

Jamie Brink

Integral Life Coaching (UCT)
B.Psych (Stellenbosch)


I’m Jamie and I consult as a Registered Life Coach and Psychometrist. By combining world-class coaching techniques with specialist psychometric assessments, I guide clients toward obtaining a greater self-understanding. Clients are being empowered to become leaders of their own lives, and have specialised, internationally recognized tools to create mental, emotional, physical and spiritual alignment.

My private practice is based in Cape Town, however, I divide my time between in-person sessions and seeing clients online (via Zoom, Google Meet, Teams). In doing so, I am able to reach a greater amount of individuals, in the comfort of their own homes and according to what their schedules permit.

I counsel teenagers, and support them in dealing with challenges they may encounter in the adolescence stage of development. Common themes that come up in sessions include: subject choice assessments and guidance, career assessments and guidance, emotional difficulties, peer relationship challenges and identity development.

I also consult with adults from diverse backgrounds who face unique challenges. Among these challenges, common counselling themes in sessions include: Re-evaluating life goals, difficulties with family relationships, business coaching, challenges in intimate relationships, feeling stuck and/ or numb and seeking change. I incorporate mindfulness techniques and meditations to provide a holistic treatment of the mind, heart and body.

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”
(Nelson Mandela)

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