Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a one-on-one process wherein I offer clients world-class specialised tools, and teach them powerful techniques that help them to determine and achieve personal and professional goals. My coaching approach is person-centered, goal-directed, and solution-focused.

What to expect when you invest in Life Coaching

It is an extremely courageous and fulfilling step to embark on a journey of self-development. Your coach will partner with you on this journey and lead you by challenging your structures of interpretation. The process is empowering and motivates you to set goals for yourself and re-establish personal accountability.

The duration of sessions range from 60-90 minutes per session, and the average amount of sessions per client range from 6 – 12 sessions. This is different for each individual, and will be adapted according to your specific needs and goals.

My approach is individualised and supportive to all individuals, from all walks of life. I offer a warm, safe environment that invites you to be the most authentic version of yourself. I incorporate my psychological background, counselling techniques, and specialised coaching tools to offer you a personalised experience. Along with this, I coach clients on emotional intelligence, and can scientifically measure intellectual aptitude and psychological well-being, to offer you in-depth and comprehensive data on your personality and overall functioning.

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Why invest in Life Coaching?

People choose life coaching for many different reasons. As an adult, do you:

  • Struggle to cope?
  • Experience challenges or difficulties in your family or intimate relationships?
  • Want to improve your work-life balance?
  • Do you struggle with low self-esteem or low self-confidence?
  • Do you need support or inspiration in certain areas of your life?
  • Feel stuck or numb in some parts of your life?
  • Have difficulty with procrastination?
  • Want to learn different skills to cope with life’s challenges?
  • Want to discover your life’s purpose and get to know yourself better?
  • Want something to change?
  • Struggle with dealing with past traumas or grief?

Life Coaching can be extremely beneficial for our youth. Being an adolescent in today’s modern, ever-changing society, is not an easy feat. Life coaching can act as a supportive tool for children, and parents of children, who are transitioning into adulthood. Our youth face various mental, emotional and personal challenges that can be positively managed by providing them with helpful tools. Psychologist, Erik Erickson suggests that children between ages 12-18 start exploring their independence in the attempt to establish a sense of self. Therefore, it is critical to offer them a safe, non-judgemental space to examine their thoughts and emotions. Does your teenager:

  • Have difficulty getting motived?
  • Struggle with low self-confidence?
  • Experience peer-related pressures?
  • Have potential to excel academically, but are experiencing challenges?
  • Experience emotional difficulties because of life experiences (divorce, death)?
  • Face emotional or physical bullying?
  • Struggling to establish a sense of self?

Is life coaching and therapy similar?

Yes, it is similar to therapy in some ways as it provides a safe environment for clients to explore their thoughts and feelings, with a third-party who is trained in psychological theory. However, the process differs somewhat as it is short-term and solution focused. Life Coaching focuses on what we can do in the present moment to achieve the future we want.

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